Photographer Veikko Kähkönen captured a series of film photographs in the breath taking scenery of magical Cape Town. We had the pleasure of accompanying our jewelry in Kähkönen’s adventures.

Veikko Kähkönen ventured in to the beautiful natural scenery of Cape Town with his travel essentials, film rolls, and a carefully curated assortment of jewelry from the Şüräle collection. This exploration in Cape Town resulted in a set of breathtaking film photographs that are like a real life mirage of the perfect day ¨sur la mer¨.

At the age of fifteen Kähkönen discovered photography through a film camera that was gifted to him by his mother. Capturing pictures became Kähkönen’s past time activity that persisted, and later on during his studies in the field of journalism gave him the benefit of using his unique perception in practise. Photographing felt like a natural way of being for Kähkönen and what had originally began as a curious experiment turned in to a thriving career that we are witnessing today. Let’s take a dive into Kähkönen’s approach to photography with a focus on the person behind the lens. We met Kähkönen in his home in Etu Töölö, Helsinki, for a brief interview.

Veikko, what is the most rewarding aspect of working as a photographer in the creative industry?
- “Retrospectively seeing the results of a photoshoot after developing the film is always an interesting & sometimes an ambiguous process. Working with film is like being a pastry chef who needs to find the perfect ratio of ingredients and temperature in his pastry dough to have the optimal result. Sometimes it’s a gamble and the film might not end up being as expected, but mostly it’s a positive surprise. I would say this artisanal approach into photography definitely makes it one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects that I like pursuing.“
Do you have a certain approach or a philosophy of doing things while starting on a new project?
- “First off we start with the basics such as finding the right location, time and the feeling or theme for the shoot. Sometimes I’ll go on a drive or for a walk and find a good location I want to use. I want my pictures to convey deep emotions and to leave an impression on the viewer, so discovering my own approach to each project is essential. Finding the right team of people to work with is also important as it sets the tone for the shooting day and creates nuances in small detail that affect the composition as a whole.”

I have noticed the vivid use of colors in your body of work. One can also sense an element of playfulness in your work, what do you think about this?
- “It’s important that a photograph is saturated with personality so that it stands out. I don’t shy away from the use of colors or the use of joyfulness as they are important tools in creating a strong aesthetic blueprint that forms the foundation for a distinguishable visual identity. I think the playful character in some of my pictures comes from my own personality, I don’t want my work to be too formal when it doesn’t have to be that.”
How was your experience with shooting our hand crafted silver jewelry?
- “The whole process of shooting the jewelry was very pleasant as the shiny silver was complemented by the textures and forms from the pristine sand, rock formations, kelp and the sun that was gracing us. What more could one wish for? I already have a new inspiration and would like to try photographing jewelry submerged in water, but we’ll need to save that for a later discussion.“
Could you tell me more about the team you worked with on the photoshoot?
- “I’ve known the stylist Kristi Vlok for many years now and we’ve worked together before so it was just a natural continuation to work on this photoshoot together. We had a relaxing day at the beach side location with the make up artist Nicola Loots and the talented model Marchelle Lourens.”

Can you tell me more about your way of working with models? It is obvious that you are very talented in working and directing people in front of the camera.
- “It’s all about making people relaxed on set and getting to know them. I’m a curious person by nature and I’m intriqued by peoples stories, so I always try to establish a connection and a mutual trust with the people on set. Sometimes I try to engage people into doing something funny as a warm up before the actual photos. For example this could be grinning and showing your tongue at the camera. This actually works and people get more relaxed after doing something to break the ice off. Even if you feel like you would be doing something stupid in front of the camera most times it doesn’t look like that for others.”

How do you feel about being a part of the creative community?
- “I’m grateful for the people I get to work with. It’s as if I was a part of a band where everyone brings something in to the equation. Without a functioning band you can’t carry a tune and everyone does their own thing for the outcome. For me it’s about the experiences and the people that I meet, it’s not about the monetary value of my work and has never been.“
Thank you for the interview. Is there something exciting glimpsing in the future or do you have a wish for the upcoming?
- “I wish nothing more than to stay healthy and enjoy every day. Thank you!”

Veikko Kähkönen in Helsinki – Copyright © Veikko Kähkönen

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